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10 Jun

The European Commission’s IP Booster: Smart, expert IP advice for public research organisations – next deadline 28 June 2020

The European Commission is funding a service to provide specialised, professional IP advice to European Universities and Public Research Organisations.       Are you: Generating high-quality research, and eager to improve its impact on the market? Trying to better address IP issues associated with commercialisation? Searching for experts who can help you develop a successful intellectual property strategy? The European Commission’s IP Booster is a free service designed to help you address these challenges. Our carefully selected IP, technology and business strategy experts can examine your research and guide your teams to develop the best intellectual property strategies for your organisation. We can help you: Determine what type and what amount of IP protection you need for your project’s intellectual assets, and whether you need...
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18 May

Solidarity, Creativity, Determination

by ASTP Board Member, Alessandra Baccigotti Solidarity, Creativity, Determination: these are the keywords proposed by EC Commissioner Mariya Gabriel to define the spirit of the #EUvsVirus Hackathon, which took place from 24th to 26th April, as a fully digital event to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe with the purpose to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges. The Hackathon was hosted by the European Commission, led by the European Innovation Council, in close collaboration with the EU Member States. Over 20,900 people from across the EU (and beyond) joined the #EUvsVirus Hackathon offering their talents and business ideas to contribute to Europe’s fight against the coronavirus, but also to the recovery after the pandemic. 2000+ innovative solutions (apparently a world...
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20 Apr

Creativity during Covid-19

Creativity in the Covid-19 Crisis – share your stories! Tom Flanagan, Director of Enterprise & Commercialisation, UCD What gets you up in the morning? I love that as KT professionals, we have a unique opportunity to be there at the birth of new inventions, to be the first-in-the-world to see them and shape them to solve urgent “hair-on-fire” real-world problems. And we are also good at bringing together the right people and the right financial resources to develop these inventions so that they make it to market despite the odds. There’s a lot of creativity in this and it is great fun when it works! I’ve been very impressed lately by the creativity of the community we support in answering the call for...
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17 Apr

Pan-EU Hackathon to mobilise European innovators and civil society

Pan-EU Hackathon to mobilise European innovators and civil society The #EUvsVirus is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the 27 Member States and with some H2020 associated countries (5 currently). You can see the official Action plan approved by the Ministers of Research and Innovation on 7 April where #EUvsVirus is one of the official actions: The press release about the hackathon can be found at: You are invited to play an active role in the management of the civil society that will participate in the hackathon. It is hoped that participants from civil society, youngsters, techies, makers, health providers, and all professions will participate. You will be expected to provide your knowledge on the management of people and...
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17 Apr

Open Covid Pledge to share crisis-critical IP

Open Covid Pledge to share crisis-critical IP Together with IEEE, colleagues from Stanford, Berkeley, Creative Commons, and others are working on-call for IP owners to pledge Covid-19 relevant IP for the duration of the pandemic. You may have seen the Wellcome Trust pledge (, which goes for copyrighted material, such as publications and datasets. By now a large set of leading organisations, including publishers, ministries, foundations, firms have signed up to that. This approach is similar, but with a view towards industry, i.e. focusing on formal, industrially relevant IP. As with the Wellcome Trust pledge, the purpose of this pledge is to accelerate the fight against Covid-19 and avoid IP related challenges slowing down progress. A new website is now available with a license...
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7 Apr

4 Reasons 4 Copyright Interactive Guide

4iP Council has launched 4 Reasons 4 Copyright, an interactive web guide that can help innovative European businesses understand the strategic value of copyright as an intellectual property tool. The guide identifies four key benefits of copyright: 1. Competitive Edge 2. Reputation 3. Collaboration 4. Funding In an interactive environment, the guide breaks down these key benefits into methods for value-creation with clickable case studies, orientation links, examples and facts. Together with ASTP, Bournemouth University, The European IP Helpdesk, GRUR and The Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN), 4iP Council’s network of academics and IP practitioners, 4iP council has launched another guide. Its predecessor, 4 Reasons to Patent, is available is 4SMEs website area. Stay tuned for future interactive guides. You can consult the 4...
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16 Mar

Special Announcement concerning Covid-19

In light of the current global health emergency, this is the most responsible option. In the previous few days HQ staff have been working with the conference venue in Lisbon and have reorganised an annual conference in the same location for 26-28 May 2021, Lisbon. At the moment, all our other events for the latter part of the year are going ahead: Training Courses in Zagreb (16-18 September) and in Cracow (11-13 November). Naturally, we are keeping a close eye on global developments and hope sincerely that towards the end of this year we shall be able to create new opportunities to bring our community together safely. In the meantime, ASTP HQ will be operating as normal and should you have any...
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4 Feb

LENS Colloquium: How neutrons contribute to mission-based research

The League of advanced European Neutron Sources and the Horizon 2020 project BrightnESS2,  invite you to the LENS Colloquium: How neutrons contribute to mission- based research. The event will be held on Tuesday, the 11th of February, in the reading room of the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels. The afternoon colloquium will be held in advance of the following day’s BrightnESS² Annual Meeting and General Assembly. The three-hour programme (LENS Colloquium 2020 programme) will include keynote speakers from the neutron science community and the European Commission. The short talks will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by the Commission’s Adam Tyson, Head of Research and Industrial Infrastructures at DG Research and Innovation. The programme closes with dinner at 19:00. The purpose of the...
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29 Jan

Knowledge Transfer Community Proposes New Measures for Impact in Horizon Europe

Brussels, 23 January 2020 Giancarlo Caratti, European Commission, DG JRC and ASTP President, Martin Raditsch The national leaders of Europe’s Knowledge Transfer community under the auspices of ASTP’s National Associations' Advisory Committee (NAAC) joined representatives from several Directorate-Generals of the European Commission (EC) at its Brussels Headquarters to discuss the Knowledge Economy and its Impact Hosted by Giancarlo Caratti, European Commission, DG JRC, the meeting opened with ASTP President Martin Raditsch, explaining the significance of the meeting: “This audience between ASTP and its NAAC with representatives from the European Commission provides us an opportunity to build a joint vision for the future of innovative collaborations between academia and industry” At a time when the European Commission is constructing its goals beyond...
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20 Jan

Tutech Training Offer : Postponed

Tutech Innovation GmbH was founded in 1992 as the technology transfer institute for the Hamburg University of Technology. They are offering services regarding participation in EU funded programmes especially for publicly funded universities and SMEs.   There are four courses scheduled for the coming months, is there something here for you? How to develop a strategic plan for funding your research Wednesday, 18 March 2020 09:00 - 16:30 This workshop explores the concept of strategy in the research context. It will also help to avoid the trap of letting funding dictate the research focus which leads to a fragmented track record. Workshop presenter: Thomas Koch Fee: 500,- Euro plus VAT ReMaT Research management training for early-career researchers Thursday, 23 & Friday, 24 April 2020 09:00—16:30 ReMaT introduces participants into...
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