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17 Jun

Christian Stein hands over ASTP-Proton presidency to Marta Catarino

One of the highlights of every ASTP-Proton Annual Conference is the presidential hand over. This time, it was immediate past President Christian Stein doing the honors. The hand over took place on 26 May at the Langelinie Pavillonen in Copenhagen, a few steps away from the famous Little Mermaid statue. Around 9.30 in the evening at dinner, Marta Catarino, VP Programming and Director of University of Minho’s TecMinho was announced ASTP-Proton President.

Immediate past President Christian Stein hands over the famous 'red book' to Marta Catarino.

Immediate past President Christian Stein hands over the famous ‘red book’ to Marta Catarino.

In a statement he sent to the ASTP-Proton Headquarters, immediate past President Stein regarded his ASTP-Proton presidency as “a great honour and a highlight in my life but also an immense responsibility and challenge.” He appreciated the trust that the association and the headquarters gave him over the last 18 months and called the group of board members he worked with a “grand team” with which “it was possible to tackle the tasks and challenges.” He also mentioned the new services that ASTP-Proton have come up as results of his leadership such as the Peer Review, Road to RTTP, new courses, a new survey and impact report, EU projects and a new website.

“I hope very much that our work has contributed to a better and sustainable future for ASTP-Proton. Also, I would like to wish Marta Catarino, ASTP-Proton’s new President, the best of luck. I am confident that she will not only bring continuity but also set new impulses that will develop our association,” he concluded.

Catarino during an interview said that she will follow through with the projects that have been initiated during Stein’s presidency with a focus on getting things done. “My focus would be on consolidating the initiatives already launched, following our post-merger strategy: new and better services for our members, and more involvement of the members in the strengthening of the association. Services such as new training courses, new models of providing training, benchmarking through peer review need to get to full speed, and benefit from feedback from the members for fuirther improvement. Let’s put our energy into getting things done and learning from them,” she said.

"Let's put our energy into getting things done and learning from it." - Marta Catarino, President, ASTP-Proton

“Let’s put our energy into getting things done and learning from it.” – Marta Catarino, President, ASTP-Proton

Catarino added that a closer relationship with the members is one of the goals of her presidency, “As a ‘by members and for members’ association, which aims to be the voice of the knowledge transfer profession in Europe, we are promoting the consolidation of our community through working groups in topics of interest, and creating mechanisms and tools that allow such engagement beyond attending specific events.” She made clear that the association aims to be “more inclusive, listening to what our members expect in the different regions of Europe, an area where the NAAC is an essential enabler.”

When asked if she had read the contents of the red book, Catarino stated, “I must admit I expected it to contain mostly doodles… but in fact it has very sound advice and words of wisdom of previous presidents: very valuable indeed!”

Along with Marta, ASTP-Proton will be led by three new board members: Ulrich Mahr of Max Planck Innovation, Maria Tavares of DSM Nutritional Products and Henric Rhedin of Sweden’s University of Gothenburg.

ASTP-Proton thanks the former board members Karl Klingsheim, Marc Legal and Massimiliano Granieri for their contribution and dedication for a stronger association.#