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8 Dec

“Get involved, ASTP-Proton is you,” – Christian Stein, ASTP-Proton President


Christian Stein became the new President of ASTP-Proton during the fall meeting in Prague.
We had the chance to interview him about his plans for the association, the challenges he is expecting to face and his message to ASTP-Proton members. 

Here’s a preview of that interview:

ASTP-Proton (AP): What are your plans for ASTP-Proton in the period of your presidency?

Christian Stein (CS): I’m just two weeks into my term of office, but as President-elect, I have of course been
able to develop plans for my presidency. In January, the Executive Board will come together for a two-day
retreat at our headquarters in Leiden to discuss our strategy, aims, plans and priorities for the next year. We
intend to announce the results of this at the next annual conference. But I can tell you now that there are a
number of things I would defnitely like to progress. Read the full interview here.

Here’s a preview of our interview with Sara:

ASTP-Proton (AP): What was the biggest lesson you learned?

Sara Matt-Leubner (SML): If you want to achieve something you need to talk to people – a lot! Find out, who wants what and
also for what reason. Only if it is clear what the motivation for specific requirements is, you can come to a
deal, which satisfies all parties. And the people negotiating have to be genuinely interested in a good
outcome. Read the full interview here.