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27 Jun

Mixing Business and Research: A Recipe for a More Competitive Proposal?

Bruno Woeran is EU-Affairs Manager Research Funding and Innovation Net- works for Merinova Technology Center, Energy-Cluster Vaasa, Finland. He is President of and Board Member for, Bruno is active in NCURA’s international region and is involved in Knowledge Transfer and Education with several networks, supports European Qualification Framework (EQF) qualification efforts and is a ferocious cook. He can be reached at

What’s wrong with spicing up that basic research menu? Add a pinch of business ingredients, sprinkle some knowledge exchange and a dash of IP rights. Spin, incubate, and voila: A deliciously rounded proposal is served which improves chances for success. Implementing processes and structures to make this happen has to be put early on the shopping list for that funding menu. Eventually, those basic research ideas turn into proposals, which then can turn into successful bids and even- tually funded sponsored research will make an im- pact on your institution’s intellectual property list, knowledge transfer office, patent income sheet statement or licensing and royalties fees’ A-List – one hopes! And that dies last.
In recent years, continuous changes can be seen in the layout and conception of new and innovative funding programmes, aiming towards creating an impact with the outcomes and results of those re- search efforts. This of course has to do with the fact of decreasing funding sources, the high-level of research proposals, increasing demand for sponsored programmes and lack of sufficient re- sources thereof. In order to create that critical mass menu of highly successful research bids, other factors have come into play.

This article first appeared NCURA magazine who we thank for granting us permission to reproduce it.

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