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17 Apr

Pan-EU Hackathon to mobilise European innovators and civil society

Pan-EU Hackathon to mobilise European innovators and civil society

The #EUvsVirus is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the 27 Member States and with some H2020 associated countries (5 currently). You can see the official Action plan approved by the Ministers of Research and Innovation on 7 April where #EUvsVirus is one of the official actions:

The press release about the hackathon can be found at:

You are invited to play an active role in the management of the civil society that will participate in the hackathon. It is hoped that participants from civil society, youngsters, techies, makers, health providers, and all professions will participate. You will be expected to provide your knowledge on the management of people and teams.

All volunteers will receive an EU letter stating your responsibility in the hackathon using your declaration completed in this online form.

You can choose one of the roles below. The information about the domains and challenges is accessible at: You can find more details about these roles at the end of this email.

  • Domain lead (6 domains)
  • Challenge lead (36 challenges)
  • Coordinator of Ninjas
  • Coordinator of Mentors
  • Ninja (coordinator of 10 teams)
  • Mentor

If you need further details, please contact the email created for the hackathon and that is attended by several persons: