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30 Jun

Negotiators are Born and Bred

                      By Lou Berneman, Managing Director Texelerate — technology transfer consultancy; Founding Partner Osage University Partners; Advisor to HealthCare Royalty Partners   Our daughter, it seems, emerged from the womb negotiating; our son, not so much. Today, she’s still at it (as are her 3 daughters) and our son has learned when and how to negotiate for what he needs and wants. Becoming a skilled negotiator is achievable, regardless of personality type. Here are 10 Rules my daughter (and the good folks at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation — Getting to Yes — and others) have taught me about effective principled negotiation. Rule 1 — PREPARE AND OPEN POSITIVELY Like a lot in life, showing up prepared is important. A poorly prepared negotiator can only react. It’s OK to see what the...
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