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17 Aug

Research and Development Collaborations training: “You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself”

This September’s raft of ASTP-Proton training courses are lining up to make a real impact on the professional development and network community of the participants. With over 50 places already filled, and the Fundamentals of Technology Transfer almost sold out, we talked to the directors of the Research Development Collaborations (RDC) course, Martin Raditsch and Tom Flanagan. As CEO of Innovectis GmbH, Germany and Centre Director, DIT Hothouse, Ireland, Martin and Tom respectively have decades of experience negotiating and collaborating between universities and industry. Martin, an expert trainer from ASTP-Proton’s Professional Development Committee outlined it for us: “We know that TTO staff on all levels can benefit from this course, whether a newcomer or experienced, everyone can learn from the case study...
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