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12 Jun

Nagoya Protocol

Dr Scarlett Sett is the Nagoya Protocol (NP) Compliance Officer at Kiel University and in her presentation, she will go over definitions and areas that have created confusion/misconception on what type of research is within the scope of the NP. She will also talk about how the compliance and implementation strategy was developed at the University and who is responsible for which areas, how they keep track of any NP processes, and how to engage the researchers into taking an active role in the implementation of the NP into their research agendas.

The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) is an international agreement that aims at the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources. Both access and benefit-sharing obligations are established and negotiated between the Providing Country (country of origin) of the genetic resource and the User (Researcher) of the genetic resources. As a User of a genetic resource, the researcher will be personally liable if found non-compliant with the EU ABS regulation, especially if working in an EU member state. If found non-compliant, this could mean high fines imposed on the researcher or research institute, cancellation of research projects, embargo of genetic resources, etc.