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12 Jun

The TT Manager as Commercial Advisor

Our dream researcher is the one who comes to us with a useful technology and the drive to do something with it.  Our first job is to make sure the IP is ‘clean’ and protected.  That done, the role changes.

But to what?   If there is a licensee or investor already on board then ‘all’ we need to do is conclude a deal.     However, if that’s not the case, or worse, this is a technology still seeking for an application or market, then we are thrust into a different role.   We become – for a while anyway – a commercial advisor. But what does that mean?

In this workshop, we find out.  We have lined up a researcher (in Jordan, as it happens) who has developed a novel air filter that can remove and ‘destroy’ a wide range of particles.   He sees no reason why it can’t filter out virus particles (virions) too and is very keen to enter find organisations with which he could partner to develop and market a range of devices.

For the purposes of this workshop, we’ll position you as his TT manager.  He needs guidance.  What would you advise?

  1. The workshop will after a brief introduction from the session leader, Jeff Skinner, we’ll receive a live brief from the researcher, Bara Wahbeh.
  2. We’ll then assign you to breakout rooms for 20 minutes, which should be enough for you to come up with some meaningful advice.
  3. For the remainder of the workshop, we’ll receive, summarise and draw out some common themes – ending with a few slides that may help you to draw out some general lessons from this specific case.

The entire exercise should last for around 80 minutes.

Workshop Panelists: 

Workshop lead: Jeff Skinner, Executive Director, London Business School, UK

Technology developer: Dr. Reyad Shawabkeh,  Researcher & Lecturer, The University of Jordan

Product developer: Bara Wahbeh, CTO, AKYAS-SANITATION, Jordan